For 'The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening'


"I love this slightly melancholic composition ('After All The Searching, Some Finding'). The hypnotic rhythm created by contrasting soft delicate notes with aggressive outbursts expresses the obsessiveness of searching. I have been listening to this on a loop and can't get enough of it."

Yona Verwer, Artist, Curator ( http://yonaverwer.com/Yona_Verwer/Welcome.html)

Beautiful interpretation of traditional melody ('Kinder' & 'Endlessly We Do Not Lack').... an exploration of the spaces in between the simple lines.”

​Steven Shechter, Guitarist/Composer, Sheky ('Postcards from Neptune' - http://www.reverbnation.com/stevenschechter )



​"Mr. Elman captures a lovely, enchanting niche here. Reminiscent of George Winston ambient piano meeting the ghosts of Jewish Europe pre WW2. Quite impressive, a pleasurable listen."

Alexander Remer, Writer, Poet (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17870019-black-dash-crown-on-the-lion-s-tail)

This piece ('After All Searching, Some Finding') expresses the emotions of the seeker becoming a finder very well, by tempo and 'tone', beautiful piece. I love music that is the auditory equivalent of telling a story ….”

Shoshana Brombacher, Artist, Painter​ (www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/s/shoshannah)

"A hauntingly beautiful piece ('Only Answer Sung Alone At A Third Meal'), Zev Elman gives a melodic answer to an existential question..."

Dara Lifschutz, Actress, Singer 


"'Only Answer'... melody grabs me ... classic zemer with a persevering timbre."

Yisroel Kislevich, Pianist (https://yisroelkisilevich.bandcamp.com/)


Like mantras, 'The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening' creates a space for meditation....with solemnity and chassidus.'

Noaj Sauer, Artist, Painter ( http://israelnoajsauer.tumblr.com/ )



"Elman's quest  ('Only Answer Sung Alone At A Third Meal') can hint at mesmerizing. Wine with friends and time, time to appreciate the delicate melodies of living. Um, could we get an analog master on vinyl?"


Alexander Remer, Writer, Poet (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17870019-black-dash-crown-on-the-lion-s-tail)