Producer Bio

Adam II's producer and composer, Zev Elman, produced music for many indie artists. He is a drummer and bassist and plays keyboard.  He produced, Mutti Pshemesh of Skafya,  Toby Miller,  Songs 'Aurora' and 'Sign' for Emilia Cataldo of Nehedar, The Mick Lewis and the Fine Print and notablySweating Henderson, with singer/songwriter, Izzy Khachewatsky, during the mid 00's. Bringing a jagged experimental rock quality to the project with its interesting modulations, rhythms, many rifs and basslines. Credits included producing, co-writing, and arranging, drums and keyboard on the album, 'For The Good Of The Few', which Pandora blessed with acceptance. (At that time only accepting 5% of non-label/unsigned rock submissions were accepted). The work won some awards on Jango/Radio Airplay for songwriting and arrangements (then as voted on by other musicians. It was in rotation on live365 and developed a gobal following. It was also panned by many as too skittish, too niche, and avante garde by TAXI, the A&R company. Some of the songs made it to the top 50 of all time experimental rock tracks on Jango.  Sweating Henderson was also a top 10 band on Jango in August of 2013. 

Over the last few years, Zev has taken a break from producing songs at Adam II for other artists and is focusing on composition of his own music. The result of which are the pieces on 'The Faintest Whisper Is Deafening.' The album was composed from 2011-2014 as a kind of commetary on and study in perseverance, building the pieces over time. The writing and re-writing became a form of meditation. Following melodic hints and rifs, a gradual process of developing the pieces became a metaphor for noticing the faint flickers of gradual pathness on life's long back roads. Musically, the album expands on some classic zemiros in sonata form, assuming much creative license, it moves between the 19th and 21st centuries continuously. 

Presently, he is working on a project called, Vak De Gar. A textured, melodic post rock project.